What I do…

I’ve been a cartoonist for many, many years and my work has appeared in newspapers such as The Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, numerous trade publications like Medical Post, Phi Delta Kappan, Vitality along with book illustrations, advertising etc. You can contact me directly for any cartoons or humour illustration needs.
Simply email me at: doug@blackwelltoons.com

-Doug Blackwell

Hi have a new book, Skateboarding in the Boardroom, available through iBooks. It’s a collection of my business cartoons. There’s over 100 Cartoons on every business topic, from what not to do in business meetings to office politics. A sample chapter is available for free. Here’s a link to the store:


Current work
Published work
Insight magazine (Findland)Stitches magazine (cover)Woman putting bugs into blenderVitality magazineimageToronto Sun

One thought on “What I do…

  1. My most sincere congratulations for your brilliant genius for this kind of humor and graphic ability

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